What can we do for you?


Every project benefits from an unbiased view from outside. We bring your horsepowers on the road and keep them there. Let's talk about it!


You rather trust in our expertise? Our experts cover a wide range of applications. Quite unlikely that we cannot help you.

Human Resources

You feel better with your own, dedicated resources? We bring you in touch with highly skilled freelancers or permanent employees, and support you in the candidate selection and contracting.

Building Up Your Own Resources

VMware, Hewlett Packard, SAP, and many others have done it. You want to benefit from the excellent conditions in Bulgaria? From an attractive job market with highly qualified manpower, from a climate favorable for investments and short of bureaucracy?

We support you in all phases of your plans, with the establishment of your independent company or Bulgarian branch. We help you communicating with the local authorities, answer your tax questions, support you with recruiting, accomodation, and establishing the processes you need in order to integrate your new Bulgarian team into the structures of your enterprise.