The people at cantanea develop web and other applications from 2007 onwards for customers worldwide. Starting with coding only, the company now offers a complete range of services for software development, including quality assurance, multi-lingual documentation, internationalization, localization, product and project management.

Our goal is to deliver excellent services to our customers. We believe that this is only possible by being an excellent employer to those people that make our success possible.

We try our best being an excellent employer by not only paying well but also by letting our staff participate in the success of the company, by offering a way above-average number of paid holidays, extra health-care, fair conditions, and a lot of other details that make work at cantanea a pleasant thing to do.

We also believe that software production is a creative process and creativity requires freedom. Our staff at cantanea have the freedom to produce the inventive, state-of-the-art solutions that our customers expect.

Cantanea is located in the heart of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, two walking minutes from the university subway station, right between the parks Knyazhska und Borisova Gradina on one side and Sofia's most iconic street Tsar Shishman on the other. Check out the Map!


Corporate Design

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