Information for Candidates

How Should You Apply?

It's easiest for both you and us by email. Give us a call if you have questions.

What Do We Need From You?

  • A letter of motivation. We really like to know why you want to work for us.
  • Your CV.
  • Your possible start date.
  • Your idea about an adequate salary.
  • A recent photo, an email address and a telephone number.
  • We absolutely love links to your own projects or contributions to other people's projects.
  • We will also read recommendation letters.

Do We Like Getting Word Documents?

No, we do not. Could you send us PDFs instead? Plain text files or Markdown are also perfectly okay.

Do We Understand Bulgarian?

We do. But please send your documents in English or German.

Facts About Your Job

Let's look at them:

  • fully insured salary
  • 30 days of paid holidays
  • extra health-care
  • sports card Multisport
  • a job ticket for public transportations (all lines)
  • we take care of fruit, water, tea and coffee

Work-Life Balance

Working for more than 8 hours on one day does not make sense. Go home! Children get sick. We know that. Grandparents and babysitters get sick, too. Bring your kids along then! Body clocks tick differently. That's why our working times are flexible. 30 paid holidays are sometimes not enough. But there are also unpaid holidays. Going to the doctor does not always make sense, when you're sick. Stay home for one day, and let's see how things develop.

Working Place

Linux/Un*x, Mac OS or Windows? Laptop or Desktop? Sitting desk or stand-up desk? That is a matter of personal taste, of your taste and it is therefore your choice.